About Us

Good Quality and Reliable Emergency Medical Services

Response services within the region of Hoedspruit, Limpopo

How HMR fills the gap

Hoedspruit Medical Rescue helps fill the gap by supplying a good quality reliable emergency medical service to the community based on years of skills and experience together with compassion and commitment to the community.

Pieter will continue to offer the services he has previously offered through his previous employment to his new clients via his own enterprise. Hoedspruit Medical Services will respond to any emergency situation with their clients and assist with face to face, on the ground and personalised paramedic services. In the initial stages, Pieter will coordinate transporting of clients to reliable hospitals via trustworthy ambulance or helicopter services when required, however, second phase plans will be to supply and offer full ambulance services to Hoedspruit Community Members.

HMR vs Medical Aids

Many people ask “why do we need the services of a company such as Hoedspruit Medical Rescue if we have a comprehensive medical aid?”  The reality is, is that even with the best medical aid in the world, if you are in a car accident or serious emergency situation, it will be impossible for the First Responders to keep you stabilised on the side of the road or in any of our remote location for 2 hours or so while waiting for an ambulance from one of the private hospitals to come and collect you and thus it is vital to have this emergency medical service immediately.

Hoedspruit Medical Rescue will stabilise you in the current location and oversee the secure transport of you to the nearest facility possible where your medical aid will then be able to take over.  Thus it is vital to have this kind of service available to you and your family in addition to a basic medical aid or hospital plan.